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China’s manufacturing strength with Western service levels

  1. Western company
  2. Manufacturing in China
  3. Supplying to Western business standards

Language Ease

  • English / Mandarin speaking engineering & commercial teams
  • Trained in NZ, Australia & Singapore
  • Experienced and adept in international business practice

East-West Business Leadership Position

  • Directors often speakers at industry seminars – East-West trade
  • Innovation and IP development
  • Products short listed for Global industry awards

Long valued association with China’s oil-field industry and New Zealand based by design, to bridge East / West differences. We have high levels of access and support in China

  • Political
  • Academic
  • Industrial


TDES is able to provide complete solutions including custom design and development of products, production monitoring, quality control and IP protection in China.

Our factories allow secure integration throughout all aspects of a project. Our Metal Structures, Massive Machinery and Special Vehicles divisions provide a wide variety of products. We also have the design resources to develop custom solutions.

Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning Services

TDES provides a range of services that relate to oil field activities ranging from assisting with setup and commissioning of the equipment we supply, to providing maintence and cleaning services such as ultra sonic well washing.

Metal structures and Tanks

TDES Metal Construction Factory was established in April 1965. It is mainly engaged in ground oil & gas, offshore petroleum, petrochemical, power and antisepsis preservation engineering.
The factory has a production capacity of 26,000 tons of steel material each year. Main products include pressure vessels, spherical storage tanks, chemical engineering equipment, sea platforms and wind towers.

Massive Machinery

The TDES Masssive Machinery factory is a large comprehensive machine manufacturer. The plant is one of the key petroleum machinery plants in China. The plant was founded in 1964 and has been engaging in machinery manufacturing and repairing for 45 years.
The quality management of TDES Massive Machinery has gained ISO 9001:2000 certification along with many other certificates from Chinese associations.

Special Vehicles

ISO 9001:2000 certified, the TDES Special Vehicles factory produces quality concrete dispensers, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps, side-dump semi-trailers, tank carriers, light trucks and rubbish container carriers.
Our high tech yet flexible vehicle design and production facilities are ready to develop products to meet your needs. Conscious of our carbon footprint, our environmental management system is ISO 14001:2004 certifie

TDES Ltd's head Office is located in Napier, New Zealand.

  • The company registered number is 1110497
  • The GST number is 78112026

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About TDES

We are a global supplier of equipment and materials for the oil industry, These are manufactured in China but we are a Western owned company, so able to service our customers to a level that meets quality and delivery expectations.

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