Oil Field Tanks and Silos

Oil Field Tanks and Silos

TDES specialise in the manufacture of  a mulitutde of difference types of tanks and storage systems.

A further example of TDES' competence in manufacturing pressure vessels of any size and/or type.

“Atmospheric tanks of all shapes and sized are available for whatever purpose you require”

TDES is proud to have designed and be the exclusive Manufacture of the Transportable Liquid Mud Tank (TLMT) for a global oil drilling services supplier (contact us for more details). Mounted inside ABS certified ISO shipping frames

TDES manufacturers drilling mud mixing tanks of our design which are ceramic lined and can be supplied with or without pumps motors and agitators. They are ideal for transporting world wide as they fit snugly within a 40' shipping container. Tell us your requirements and we are sure our offer will be to your liking.

TDES has various designs of GRP tanks.  We can maximise size to gain best practicle cost benefit when set against the logistic exercise of delivery to destination. Our tanks manufactured in China are found throughout the world.

TDES Massive Machinery has an annual output of 2000 tons of pressure vessels. We have had production licenses for various grades of pressure vessels since 1986. The main products include pressure vessels, heaters specifically used in oilfields, common pressure vessels and other metal structures.

“Our spherical tanks are an excellent gas storage solution and have proved desirable in many countries throughout the world. Let us provide you with a match to your requirement.”

About TDES

We are a global supplier of equipment and materials for the oil industry, These are manufactured in China but we are a Western owned company, so able to service our customers to a level that meets quality and delivery expectations.

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