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Manufacturing capacity

Massive production capability with ability to rapidly scalable production. We have a network of factories able to produce virtually any equipment needed in oil field operations …from exploration to production - and meet all your quality expectations.


  • We are industry certified: ASME, API. with  Process certifications meeting: ISO, Audits, and Health & Safety.
  • Our delivery has Global reach Innovation
  • Our R&D capability can meet your future needs with co-development potential.

Example output from just one factory

  • Factory occupies 1,008,000 sqm (or 3,307,086 square feet)
  • 750 specialized machines
  • Team of more than 2,000 people.
  • Capacity to process
  • 100,000 tons of steel or US$ 1 billion of finished product per year.
  • Pressure vessels up to 260 metric tons
  • Sheet steel of up to 4” thickness.
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    About TDES

    We are a global supplier of equipment and materials for the oil industry, These are manufactured in China but we are a Western owned company, so able to service our customers to a level that meets quality and delivery expectations.

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