Sucker Rod Pumps

“Our sucker rod pumps are manufactured for TDES in China by Shengli Oil Field Shengji Petroleum Equipment Co Ltd

 With  more than 40 years experience, our manufacturing facility has become one of the largest subsurface sucker rod pump manufacturers in China. Besides tubing pumps and rod pumps, the company has also developed a series of special purpose pumps to meet the requirements of different well conditions. Subsur face pumps manufactured by the company comply strictly with API standard, GB/T18607-2001 Specification for Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings, or Q/SJ0087- 2003 Subsurface Pumps. From design to the complete products, all procedures are controlled by ISO9001 quality control system. 

Subsurface pumpsm anufactured  include both  tubing pumps and rod pumps. Pumps which are manufactured strictly according to standard are rfeferred to as conventional subsurface pumps, and other pumps which have different structures, (for ex- ample, thick-oil recovery pumps, anti-gas lock pumps, sand control pumps), are referred to as special purpose pumps.

The operation principle is as follows: during the up-stroke, the plunger drives the fluid in the upper chamber into the tubing on the pump, and at the same time, fluid in the well flows into and fills the lower chamber of the pump under the action of the differential pressure. During the down-stroke, fluid in the lower chamber flows into the upper chamber through the traveling valve. The well fluid is pumped to the ground by the recip- rocating motion of the plunger.


Size (mm)


Barrel length (mm)

Rod pump

Ø32 – Ø 44

API Spec 11AX,
GB/T 18607

3000 – 9000

Tubing pump

Ø38 – Ø 95

API Spec 11AX,
GB/T 18607

3000 – 9000

Special pump

Ø32 – Ø 95

API Spec 11AX,
GB/T 18607

3000 – 9000

Special Pumps

Long plunger pump

Long plunger and sand-control pump

Suspension pump

Connection pump

Matching pump

Forced mechanical valve pump

Anti gas-lock pump

Traveling barrel sand-control pump

Rod flow jet pump

Traveling barrel sucker rod pump

Sand controlling and centralizing rod pump

Long plunger injecting pump

Anti-corrosive pump

Sand-control pump with a sand scraping plunger

Triple action pump

Pump for deflecting well

Rotating plunger pump

Long plunger connection pump

Sand-control pump for heavy oil well

Double action pu



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