Transportable Liquid Mud Tank

TDES is proud to have designed and be the exclusive Manufacture of the Transportable Liquid Mud Tank (TLMT) for a global oil drilling services supplier (contact us for more details). Mounted inside ABS certified ISO shipping frames

  • These tanks can be deployed with unmatched ease.
  • Shipped on standard ISO container vessels,
  • TLMT can be transported via standard sea, road or rail networks.
  • On location, the TLMT can be erected in a vertical or horizontal configuration. Either way, the same container locks are used.
  • This modular design allows the TLMT footprint to be configured to suit the location and adjusted when relocated.

TLMT Fluid Mixing and Storage Facility

tank-horizal blueThe TLMT is the basis for a fluid mixing and storage facility. The entire plant can be mobilized and made operational within days of arrival, helping operators eliminate the long lead times usually associated with installing a liquid mud plant. The Plant can also be scaled up or down to meet operational requirements and was designed to be powered by a portable generator that ships with the solution. A local power source can be used if preferred.

The mixing system comprises two interconnected 250-bbl mixing tanks suitable for transport in conventional 40-ft ISO containers. The mixing tank volumes match TLMT unit volumes, simplifying volume tracking. The curved ends provide improved agitation for reduced solids accumulation. Each mixing tank is fitted with two agitators and rotating mud guns.

Radar level measurements accurate to 0.5” provide TMLT level readouts on the sensor mounted at eye level. A horn alarm and a visible rotating light alarm can be used to alert when the volume drops below set levels. Integration with communication systems allows email notification.

World Oil Awards

The Mixing Plant was a finalist in the 2007 World Oil Awards. It was one of the final four products selected by the advisory board and next generation commitee for the Best Fluid Award.

"The goal of the 2007 World Oil Awards is to applaud the innovations and innovators of the global upstream petroleum industry, demonstrating the technological feats that are the hallmark of our industry".

About TDES

We are a global supplier of equipment and materials for the oil industry, These are manufactured in China but we are a Western owned company, so able to service our customers to a level that meets quality and delivery expectations.

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