Centrifuge FD-1865-HD

The Feida FD-1865-HD Centrifuge is a new large capacity Centrifuge developed by Feida Company to meet market demand, with high efficiency and large volume capacity.

Centrifuge FD-1865-HD Catalog


FD-1865-HD Centrifuge2The FD-1865-HD centrifuge achieves higher separating efficiency though its high G-forces, with increased processing capacity. All key precision components of FD-1865-HD centrifuge are carefully manufactured by a state of the art CNC Machine Center to improve the quality and the component interchangeability of parts. The FD-1865-HD centrifuge is able to exert up to 1837 G’s on the mud.

FD-1865-HD centrifuge is equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) control, which provides a controlled application of motor drive power to all centrifuge components (bowl, conveyor and feed pump). Customized hardware and software packages can be designed to meet specific installation and operational requirements. With a processing capacity ( water) of up to 1500 lit/min, the FD-1865-HD is able to quickly process high volumes of mud while allowing prescribed mud weights and separation efficiencies to be maintained. This enables the FD-1865-HD centrifuge to produce fine cut points at higher flow rates, making it ideal for high-flow applications and critical- conditions solids control.


FD-1865-HD Centrifuge



Variable frequency drive (VFD) control

Allows easy adjustment of bowl, conveyor and feed pump speeds for varying process conditions

Bowl centrifugal casting and heads are forged high grade stainless steel

Provides corrosion resistance for long life, smooth operation and low maintenance

Stainless steel bowl case

High strength and excellent corrosion resistance

Painting tungsten carbide powder and other wear protection items in high abrasions areas

Offer abrasion resistance for long life and low maintenance

Stainless steel rotating assembly

Provides corrosion resistance for long life, smooth operation and lower maintenance

Split-case cover

easy access for inspection and maintenance

High Grade SKF bearings

Offer long life and low maintenance

Centrifuge base and support legs

Permits easy adjustment of legs, easy transportation.

Four (4) tungsten carbide solids discharge nozzles

Offer an erosion and corrosion resistance exit of solids from the bowl to discharge

One 10 in ( 254mm) effluent discharge pipe

Allow for high-capacity processing

396 Gal/min (1500 lit/min) maximum processing capacity ( water)

High processing capacity for utilization in high-flow drilling applications and conditions


FD-1865-HD Centrifuge




Specifications and Dimensions












Bowl diameter

18 in ( 457.2mm)

Bowl length

65 in (1651mm)

Max. bowl speed


Typical bowl speed


Max. processing capacity (water)

396 gal/min ( 1500 lit/min)

Drive type

Variable frequency drive (VFD)

Max. G-force


Rotating Assembly

Conveyor pitch


Conveyor type


Gearbox type


Gearbox ratio


Power Requirements

Bowl drive motor

100hp ( 75Kw)

Conveyor drive motor

30 hp ( 22kw)


380 VAC



Centrifuge Feed Pump (VFD Screw pump, Model: NM090BY01L06V)

FD-1865-HD Centrifuge-pump



Technical Specifications:

  1. Max. pumping capacity - 90m³/h (396 US GPM)
  2. Outlet pressure: 0.4Mpa – 60 PSI.
  3. Motor Power: 22Kw (30 HP)
  4. Mode of speed control: frequency control of motor speed VFD Control Cabinet

VFD Control Cabinet

FD-1865-HD Centrifuge-controlunit



Main motor power of centrifuge

75 Kw

Auxiliary motor power of centrifuge

22 Kw

Motor power of screw pump





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